Secondary IS as a Federated IDP for WSO2 IS

  1. Create a Service Provider (SP) where SAML2 is used for authentication and OAuth2 for authorization in the Identity Server (IS)
  2. Add a secondary IS as a federated Identity Provider (configure to obtain attributes as well)

1. Configuring an SP with SAML2 and Oauth2

1.1 Configuration steps for an SP for Travelocity app in IS.

SAML2 Web SSO Configuration
OAuth/OpenID Connect Configuration

2. Add a secondary IS as a federated SAML2 Identity Provider

2.1 Running a Secondary IS

2.2 Configuring Secondary IS as a federated Identity Provider.

  1. Configure an IDP in the Primary-IS specifying the details about Secondary-IS
  2. Configure an SP in the Secondary-IS specifying the details about Primary-IS
Add New Identity Provider

Checking Whether All works fine.




Senior Software Engineer

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Thilina Madumal

Thilina Madumal

Senior Software Engineer

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